Marketing packages can be tailored directly to your needs and budget. We take on small and large scale projects, community and professional, one night stands and nationwide tours!

Through associated businesses and partners Scary Biscuits can cover all your marketing needs, including planning, photography, print design, distribution, mailouts, press and advertising. We can take on the whole campaign or just one aspect of it.

  • Advertising – tailored to suit your budget and targeted to suit your audience
  • Design & Print – from initial concept to final artwork and production, from bookmark to brochure
  • Distribution – targeted for your needs
  • E-campaigns – cheap, simple and effective
  • FOH representation – everything from meeting press and key guests, liaising with your venue to selling CDs!
  • Photography – pre-production, live performance and photocalls
  • Press – From initial discussions to press release, follow-up, photocalls, press packs and meet & greet at venues
  • PR Consultancy
  • Strategic Planning – plan your campaign to suit your strengths
  • Websites and Social Media – advice on design and planning, servers, increasing traffic etc


Over the years, I have worked with a huge number of extremely talented people, working in all areas of the arts. I am happy to suggest people who can advise on various arts production topics. This is a completely biased selection, comprising friends, colleagues and other people who have impressed me!

Production – suggestions for personnel such as production, technical and tour managers, and on equipment .suppliers and venues

Creative – need designers, musicians, artists? Maybe we can help.

Consultants – suggestions for project consultants, researchers etc

Tour Planning

  • Can I get from Achiltibuie to John O’Groats in 2 hours?
  • How many 300+ seat theatre venues are there in Scotland?
  • How many people can you legally fit in a transit van?
  • If you need the answers to these or other FAQs you might need us…