Struileag: Children of the Smoke

A large scale live multimedia performance at Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, 2014. An explosion of show-stopping songs, spectacular imagery and exhilarating dance, Children of the Smoke is an anthem to people of Highland & Island descent. Struileag was produced by award winning artistic director/composer Jim Sutherland and Wezi Mhura, for La Banda Ltd.

A universal story about people, place and connection. This highly original 75-minute show – including dancers, film and a band of 20 of Scotland’s leading musicians and singers – tackled current issues that resonate with a multitude of nations and celebrated the importance of indigenous language and its links to culture and identity.

The 2 year pre-production period included work with the Gaelic diaspora on all 5 continents, including Argentina, Australia, Russia and USA.

Funders included the Scottish Government, Homecoming Scotland, Creative Scotland, BBC Alba, the Commonwealth Festival 2014 Programme, Cryptic and Ambition Scotland.

Listen to an edited montage of the songs on Soundcloud