New Scots: Land

Sun 1st Jan 2017, 1-5pm

Part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay’s celebrated New Year’s Day pop-up mini festival, Scot: Lands.

New Scots: Land features music, dance, theatre and films from some of the country’s “new Scots” – professional creative people who live in Scotland but who have roots elsewhere.

Approximately 30 performers with roots in a wide range of places including Senegal, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Chile, India, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England and USA, but all currently based in Scotland – a very small sample of the talented diversity of creative voices currently living and working in Scotland.

Performers are Samba Sene & Diwan, Dance Ihayami, Cheekyrrikis – Flamenko Power, Sankofa Beats, Rise Kagona, Benny Tetteh Lartey, Annie George (with Alloysious Massaquoi (Young Fathers), Eve and Amber Allan) and Galo Ceron Carrasco & Carlos Arredondo.

The short films programme represents people from Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Chile, Cuba, Japan, Poland, Australia and includes professional films and a charming selection of animated shorts by young people living in Edinburgh (Unsung Stories – An Animated Ceilidh).

Films are Nae Pasaran, Children of the River – Os Meninos do Rio, Our Sea – Nuestro Mar. (Huge thanks to IberoDocs and Mary Walters for help with curating the films)