marc marnie

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Currently fundraising in order to digitise approximately 350,000 negatives, to create a proper archive of music, theatre, arts photos taken from 1977-2004. Click here for more information.

Marc Marnie been called a genius, a dark man of the darkroom and a maverick, among many other things! His archive speaks for itself though, and includes Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, James Brown, Muddy Waters, BB King, Nick Cave, Liam Gallagher, Amy Winehouse and Keith Flint among many, many others.

He has spent almost half a century photographing thousands of musicians and actors on stage, at festivals and in his Edinburgh studio. Working mainly in black and white and in very low light environments, Marc gives us a glimpse behind the music; his vision and intuitive approach get to the heart of things, evoking the essential spirit of the performer, on and off stage.

Since 2005 he has been seduced by the immediacy and vibrancy of digital photography and has added some stunning colour work to an already impressive portfolio, which includes theatre and community groups (particularly the Big Noise project) as well as music.

Notable EXHIBITIONS include at Celtic Connections (Glasgow), Eden Court Theatre (Inverness) and Southern Fried Festival (Perth)