Black Friday Free Download!

Some exciting news for Black Friday and Thanksgiving… and it won’t cost you a dime (or a cent, or a penny!)
The Last Song – the very first track released from Dean Owens’ Southern Wind album – is released as a FREE download, for a very limited period only, from 24 Nov
Recorded in Nashville with the same team as Dean’s acclaimed Into the Sea album, including producer Neilson Hubbard and award winning guitarist Will Kimbrough, Southern Wind is released on At The Helm Records on 16 Feb 2018.
There’s a great, fun video for it as well, by Ruth Barrie of Waltzer Films, and kids from Tribe Porty Youth Theatre.
The free download links are in the information panel when you click through to Youtube.

Or click through to the links via Dean’s newsletter, here.
Dean: “The Last Song is the first song Will Kimbrough and I wrote together for the album. We bonded through our mutual love of Ronnie Lane and bands like The Waterboys. We wanted to write a kinda pub rock song for the end of the night and we just sat jamming and throwing in names of some of our heroes. It’s also got lots of great Kimbrough guitar licks on it“.